Hey there, friends! Today we are chatting about the top five things you want to be sure you ask your wedding vendors while you are researching, hiring, and building that vendor team.

Ask about their business license, insurance, any accreditation or certifications they should have like health ratings, or specific licenses to their business. It might not be a deal breaker for you, but people running legit businesses should have these.

Have you viewed a portfolio of their work yet? Do they have images from events at your venue? Again, that might not be a deal breaker but it could help you envision the space. Also, asking for a portfolio beyond what is on their website is helpful as well. We put our best work on our websites. I have also found people who have great work that they just haven’t had a chance to get up there yet – owning a business is busy, so sometimes this is just a thing that gets pushed to the bottom of the list.

Who will specifically be with you on the wedding day? Is it the person you are speaking with or is it someone else? Will you have a chance to meet with that person prior to the wedding day?

What is included in the package or service you are looking at? This seems obvious, but it is super important to know what are you actually getting. Each vendor will have their own specifics you want to look out for, but here are some examples: for photography, do you get access to the digital files? Are prints included? What about an album? How many hours will the photographer be with you? Is your caterer providing real china or disposables? How many bartenders? Are there clean up services? Is cake cutting is part of their services? These are just some examples, but a simple list of what’s included should do the trick.

What are you personally responsible for? Again, with each vendor, this may vary, but is a great question to ask. Recently I met with a potential bride, who is now a client, and as we were discussing service options and were working out what worked out best for her, she asked me what she would be responsible for. I thought,  “THAT IS THE BEST QUESTION EVER!” Our expectations have now been really clear from the get-go of what is her homework and what is mine. It’s been great.

We hope you found this helpful today. Know that it doesn’t need to feel like a formal interview when asking these questions, and if you don’t ask in person, you can always get some of these answered via email too. If you are getting started on your planning journey, you might want to check out our getting started guide to be sure you are on the right track!


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