Guest experience is one of my most important values when it comes to wedding planning. We want guests who are happy, full, enjoying libations, and having a great time. Today’s video is all about 3 things to consider so you have a memorable guest experience!

Creating a great guest experience is typically of top priority to our brides. These are some things to consider when you are planning your big day to make sure you have a memorable guest experience:

  1. Time of day–are you hosting an August outdoor wedding at 3pm? It will probably be hot so can you have fans or bottled water for your guests?
  2. Timing of food–there are two things that are important to people at weddings: booze and food. Let’s be real. Great food and a great bar are going to help drive your guest experience. Consider the timing of your ceremony and when food will be served. If you are hosting a cocktail hour be sure to have small appetizers and non alcoholic drinks available as well.
  3. Memorable details–some fun things to incorporate might be some soft seating to provide a lounge for guests, maybe it’s a late night pass of one of your favorite foods after everyone has worked up an appetite from dancing all night, could be little to go boxes so they can enjoy that midnight snack or second piece of cake in their room, comfortable chairs for dinner and ceremony–all of these things make an impact. As your wedding planner, it is our job to walk you through all these little details. We want you to be the talk of your friends for the right reasons about your wedding, not because the only thing they could focus on was the uncomfortable chair they had to sit in for an hour during dinner.

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