Well, I was surprised about the amount of people who said they wanted to see this post when I asked on Instastories (are we friends on IG?? Follow along at @magnoliavineevents). I really love year in review posts actually and especially from fellow biz owners to see what worked and what didn’t in their year. So today I am going to share the good, bad and ugly of 2017 as well as what my goals for 2018 are! Some of this is WAYYYYYYYYYYY personal but I believe in being my true self so here we go!

So my goals for 2017 were:

  1. Marriage: weekly date nights, weekly calendar/schedule meeting, start a family, sell our house and move. Well we did pretty good here in most aspects. The weekly calendar convo is something we didn’t do so great at. We have already had our calendar meeting for this week and it took like 5 minutes. It feels good to know when everyone is coming and going even if it is just us! We sold our home and moved which was great but I am never moving again and someone better just bury me here.
  1. Relationship goals: send monthly birthday cards, 1x a month friend time, 1x a month couples night with friends. I think I was the worst friend in 2017. I missed all of these regularly, and don’t love that. Being a good friend is important to me. I am excited to be making more time for friends in 2018.
  2. Take care of self goals… lol I am not even going to list these. I did none of them. Self care fail. 2018 is going to be a different story!
  3. We had some financial goals I am proud we met and will continue to work on those hard core in 2018.
  4. Biz goals: We exceeded our revenue goal by a lot, we launched some digital resources I have been thinking about for years, and I met a savings goal with the biz!

The great things about 2017: 

 We sent 24 brides down the aisle…here are some of the highlights! We can’t wait to share our end of the year weddings with you soon!

Kendal joined our team full time, Ashlea came into my life–praise you baby Jesus for her & Kendal! 

we re-branded and launched our new site,

Lee and I welcomed two new nephews to our families,

I went to Waco, TX with my mom to see all things Chip & JoJo, 

I went to Nashville on a biz retreat with some biz besties,

we bought our new home,

Lee and I went to the beach twice and had a great December trip to Chicago,

 I went to a couple concerts with some great friends, we worked on our video skills to bring you more content,  I read more this year then I have in the last couple of years, we had a fun football season with friends–roll tide!, and we celebrate a few of our friends tying the knot and getting to be guests! 

The not so great parts of 2017: I did a HORRIBLE job of taking care of myself. I am a server and giver by nature. I wouldn’t do this job if I wasn’t. I put myself last at every turn. It’s resulted in some not so great things and I have decided 2018 I won’t repeat the same mistakes. I have some habits to break and some things to work on but I plan on doing a better job of taking care of me(more on this in my 2018 goals).

I decided it was time to end my time as a sorority chapter director. This was a hard choice but one I needed to make.

We could have done better with some financial goals so we are going to make this a big focus for 2018–more on that.

Spending alot of non-intentional and distracted time with Lee. We’re both always on our phones or watching tv or just in general distracted. Doesn’t make for great conversation. Life’s too short just to be going by. No more of that no siry!

And probably the hardest, worst, most difficult part of 2017 was losing our second pregnancy. I had a miscarriage about 6 years ago. It took me about 2 years to be ready to start trying again which was right when we found out Lee got accepted to CRNA school so we put a halt on that. After a little over a year of trying, I was thrilled to find out I was pregnant in August. About three weeks later, we found out I had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have emergency surgery–the week our team had two weddings and a bridal show. My couple that week was no short of amazing. They were constantly worried about me, if I was ok, and at one point they told me to sit down! They were wonderful. Kendal handled the bridal show amazingly and quite frankly everything that happened that week. God knew I would need her this year. He knew that she needed a bigger role in this company. I was so scared when I hired her on full time in July because as a small business owner it is scary to be in charge of someone else’s salary but God knew. Full disclosure, I took the week of the surgery off and had to go full steam ahead as October was looming and 30% of our business for the year happened in October. I sort of locked my feelings away because I couldn’t deal with them and deal with work. The holidays were rough because of the milestones we should be enjoying but I am blessed to have a husband that just hugs me as I cry because I took the stockings out this year and thought I’d get to hang an extra, get a special ornament, share the sex of our baby with friends and family and so many more little things that can just be so hard that I never expected. He’s been my rock for sure. Grief is a funny, weird thing. Some days are solid, good even. Others are the pits. We don’t know what lies ahead for us and our potential family. We hope 2018 brings more clarity to that.

So basically 2017 professionally, my best year ever. Personally… 

2018 I am so glad you are here!!

So here goes the list for 2018. I use powersheets(link) to set my goals for the year. This year I bought the couples and the fruitful friendships books as well because I thought Lee and I could enjoy the couples ones as we are both pretty goal oriented and the friendships ones because well see above at my 2017 goal that I face planted on.

This year I bought the 6 month powersheets because, I am not always the most consistent about them. However, 2018 is the year of me and doing my powersheets goal setting makes me more intentional and productive every month. The months I do them I am making progress on those goals. Funny how that works right?! Also I found I have GOT to see them everyday. So I lug them around with me. It is a little bulky but oh well. When I feel lost or not sure what to do next, I look at my goals. What is going to move me forward today on that goal?

Alright so 2018 goals here we go!

I took some broader goals and then broke them down into what accomplishing that bigger goal looks like for me. This is what works for me.

  1. Marriage: to be intentional and purposeful in our time together which will strengthen our relationship and prepare us for parenthood(hopefully).
  2. Become better budgeters and work towards our debt free plan!
  3. Making myself a priority and taking care of my health
  4. Business growth to make a large impact on our family’s financial health as well as be able to continue to impact the women who currently work for us and the ones to come!

So here’s how we’re going to make it happen captain!

  1. Marriage:
  • We need schedule meetings. Lee has the worst work schedule ever, and mine isn’t exactly consistent so it is important we know who is coming and going when and responsible for what.
  • We need dates! Weekly dates are so important. To talk, laugh, catch up, do something fun or new. We will alternate who’s in charge each week because if I have to make one more decision some weeks….well it’s just not happening. Any of you feel me? Like just take me somewhere where someone else makes the food and they have wine. These are my requirements lol.
  • Complete our couple goal setting workbook. We will incorporate reviewing this at our schedule meeting.
  • Find a new Church home and small group. Since moving, we really need to connect with some people and find a new small group. Good for us individually and as a married unit. If you are engaged, newly married or maybe married for a little while, FIND MARRIED FRIENDS. This was the best thing we did when we first got married was find a small group of newlyweds. They’re walking the walk with you. It helps to have people support you.
  • We love to travel so a quarterly trip is on my Marriage goals with a really big trip in October for our TEN year wedding anniversary. How has ten years gone by and when did I get so old?! Don’t agree with that sentence…
  1. Budgeters. Like alot of people we have student loan debt from Lee’s schooling and we want to make a big time dent in that this year. We also know that fertility treatments or adoption might be in our near future and so we have to get it together to be able to afford that. So here’s how we’re going to do it:
  • Set 2018 financial goals together
  • Ashley will draft budget, will review together. We decided early in our marriage that this is my thing and so I do it but we need to be better about reviewing together.
  • Back to cash envelopes, a la Dave Ramsey style. Time to get serious y’all.
  • Any “extra” will be put towards student loan payment as well as investing in our home. We have some home projects that are important to us so we want to put time and energy into our new home as well.
  1. Making myself a priority. This looks like so many things but here are a few ways I plan on taking care of moi:
  • Workout 5 days a week. Consistently moving my body will make me feel better, rest better, and happier.
  • Put the diet coke down and drink more water…
  • Read 1 book a month. I LOVE to read. I want to invest more of my time here.
  • Create a meal plan each week and prep for it ahead of time. This will make me feel less stressed and frazzled and keep me from making poor choices that I will regret.
  • Host once a quarter gathering at our home. I LOVE entertaining and having people over. I don’t do it enough and want to do it more. It sounds like doing for others but it really does make my heart happy.
  • Find a hobby….because my hobby has been sorority life which turned into a full time job or work. So I need like a real hobby!
  1. Biz growth: I love my business and am blessed I get to do this amazing job day in and day out. I am excited about the things to come for 2018!
  • 25 weddings in 2018…we have limited dates left and are already getting inquiries for 2019!
  • Launch the new venue we are managing(more to come on that) and as a result grow our team
  • Launch digital products with more to come!

Wow. This was alot! If you made it to the end well you’re the real MVP. 2017 was just well like ALOT. Between things happening in my own little world, and the bigger world out there…I mean 2017 see ya later. 2018 I am hoping brings us less. Less is my word for 2018. I just want less of everything–less distractions, less hate, less sad, less hard, less stress, less stuff, less clutter, LESS and MORE soul giving, intentional time with the people I love, giving, gratitude, serving those walking in the engagement season with a true, honest and friendly heart. Less with clear eyes, a renewed spirit and an open heart. More of all those things…less of the other stuff.


So are you a goal setter? What are you hoping 2018 brings you? Do you set a word for 2018? What is yours?? Share in the comments!