How is 2016 over?! Like seriously, is it me or did this year go by in the blink of an eye? 2016 was a busy one that’s for sure. The hubby and I went on a cruise to kick off 2016 which was a blast and much needed for the two of us as we were celebrating his graduate school work being complete and Lee being an employed member of society again (PTL for THAT!). We were able to go home to Baltimore to celebrate our nephew’s first birthday which was a blast. We had a couple best friends get married this year which was super fun and full of bachelorette parties, showers, and wedding weekends where I got to be a GUEST! My parents came to Birmingham to celebrate the 4th of July. We enjoyed many fun nights having dinner with Lee’s parents on their patio eating all the yummy they cook up for us (again PTL for amazing parents who feed us). As the advisor for my sorority, I attended our National Convention and helped lead our fall recruitment as well as helped planned our alumnae reunion weekend for over 300 alums–it was a BLAST! In the fall, we enjoyed many Alabama football games cheering on our beloved Tide with friends and family.  We wrapped up our 2016 with celebrating the holidays in Baltimore and Birmingham.

That’s of course the highlight reel which is fun to relive but the hard of 2016 was a reality too. Lee began his new job with literally the craziest hours which I get because he works in the OR but there are weeks where we see each other for maybe an hour. We,sadly, had loss in our family which is never easy as my Uncle passed, and my Aunt lost her baby. My dad had a health scare which is always terrifying as did my pregnant sister and pregnant sister-in-law but luckily all three (well five including our soon to arrive nephews) are doing well which is a blessing. We were hoping 2016 was the year we would get pregnant but that has come and gone. Then, can we just say the hot mess of an emotional rollercoaster the news took us on this year?! I mean I just feel like we need a break from 2016.

So while 2016 had wonderful memories, it holds hard ones too. But I suppose that is life, right?! You take the good, you take the bad, you have the facts of life (80s kids, are you singing this line? I loved that show).

I do, I do! Had a lot of good which I am forever grateful for. We had our most events ever! We worked with clients who are more like friends and family now. We are blessed to work with vendors and creative partners that are our family truly. Birmingham is so lucky to have such amazing wedding vendors in our community so shout out to all the wedding vendors killing it!  I am blessed with 21 amazing couples from this year who we got to walk with as they began their marriage journey. These are my people–funny, silly, smart, talented, loving, people. 21 families who are now our family. The cards, notes, emails, pictures, sweet and thoughtful gifts let me know that we did our job and did our job well. To these couples, I cherish you. I cherish you trusted myself & my team with probably the biggest day of your lives. You are the reason we get up, work hard, put in the sweat & tears to make wedding day happen. 2016 held so many exciting things for our company: we refined our client experience, worked on amazing branding items, revamped our website, incorporated video into our social media, went to conferences and learned a TON! I couldn’t be happier with what 2016 held for our company and I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for our clients, soon to be clients, and my amazing team. Kendal, Sara, Heather, & Mary Beth, I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for being you, loving this company like its your own, and loving on our clients. I love y’all big 😉

I use a goal setting tool called Powersheets and I want to share each month with you what is on my tending list to keep myself accountable.

First I wanted to share my big 2017 goals with you:

  1. Spend more intentional, less distracted time with Lee.
  2. Start our family.
  3. Big financial goal (a little personal so we will just leave it at that 😉
  4. Sell our house
  5. Limit unnecessary spending and follow through on our budget each month ( I am on a spending freeze from now until March…)
  6. Create valuable content for brides and wedding community
  7. Mentor 2-3 wedding creatives
  8. Fun work project to be announced–see mystery is good it will keep you around
  9. Create memories with the people I love

So my tending list for January:


  • Get Christmas stuff down(why does this always take so long?!)
  • Complete house projects
  • Start new business course
  • Put $2000 into savings


  • Budget meeting 1x a week
  • Meal Prep
  • Workout 4 days a week
  • Date night 1x a week


  • Take time to rest my brain
  • No tech time for a little bit each day
  • Read

Are you a powersheets user? What are your big 2017 goals? Share in the comments!

Ok 2017 let’s do the dang thing!