As you are exploring (obsessively pinning), and turning the pages of every wedding magazine that exists, you are going to see a variety of styles. Developing your own style is very important to us as your wedding planner as we begin the design process. What is important is narrowing in on your design taste & preferences and then collaborating on how to bring those to life through your wedding design. In our style series, we wanted to highlight a few styles to show you what may work for your big day!

First up is Boho Chic—currently I would say this is the most popular style we are seeing all over instagram, pinterest, and the magazines. An airy, light, organic feeling is at the center of this design profile. Bouquets tend to have a loose shape, many textures, and long trailing ribbons. A cautionary tale, beware of combining too many trendy elements. You want your wedding to look timeless so maybe your dress is more classic in cut and shape but you & your bridesmaids bouquets have the looser look. Also be sure you don’t have competing elements in your reception design. You want your guests to have visual interest but over stimulating them can be confusing and they may not be sure where their eye should go and feel overwhelmed. Having consistent signage, and printing will also bring these elements together.